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import subprocess
import re
import os
from lib.cuckoo.common.abstracts import Processing
class captipper(Processing):
"""Runs CapTipper on pcap:
1. Dump all files found in the pcap
2. Checks the file types and returns if an EXE file was found
def run(self):
"""Run CapTipper
@return: CapTipper dict.
self.key = "captipper"
CAPTIPPER = "/home/cuckoo/tools/CapTipper/" # CapTipper Path
PCAPFILE = self.pcap_path # PCAP file created by cuckoo
MAGIC_REG = "Magic: (.*)\)" # Reguler expression to find file types
newpath = self.dropped_path + '/captipper/' # Path for files found in pcap
if not os.path.exists(newpath): os.makedirs(newpath)
CTout = subprocess.check_output([CAPTIPPER, PCAPFILE,'-d',newpath]) # runs CapTipper with arg to dump files
# Parses file types found
regex = re.compile(MAGIC_REG)
types = regex.findall(CTout)
exe_magic = False
if "EXE" in types:
exe_magic = True
return dict(