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🚝 Mono repo for several npm packages
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.circleci Maintenance (#64) Jul 30, 2019
.github 🏷 Update issue labels May 7, 2019
dists Maintenance (#64) Jul 30, 2019
packages No changes after this point. Aug 3, 2019
scripts Maintenance (#64) Jul 30, 2019
src ⭕️ test more node versions (#47) May 1, 2019
.babelrc.js Use own babelrc package Apr 2, 2019
.codacy.yml add Codacy settings Jul 15, 2019
.editorconfig Update eslint requirement from ^5.16.0 to ^6.0.0 (#55) Jun 24, 2019
.eslintignore module-scope - harmony module scope Mar 18, 2019
.eslintrc.json Maintenance (#64) Jul 30, 2019
.gitattributes πŸ€– a1vy - greet with an image Jan 17, 2019
.gitignore βœ”οΈŽ chunkalyse: add testing fixtures Dec 17, 2018
.npmrc First two packages: boxt and assign May 21, 2018
.nvmrc πŸ„ Level up (nodejs 12) (#45) Apr 30, 2019 Create Dec 16, 2018
LICENSE Add upgradable May 29, 2018
finjan.mjs Maintenance (#64) Jul 30, 2019
package.json Update eslint-plugin-log requirement from 1.2.2 to 1.2.3 (#68) Jul 31, 2019
spec.js Maintenance (#64) Jul 30, 2019
webpack.config.js ecma-webpack-plugin Aug 2, 2019


Mono repo holding multiple packages


Name Description Link
a1vy πŸ€– I help development by doing things 0.0.77
abuser πŸ€• Create modifiers to require cache based on path (e.g. ) 2.0.2
array-select 🚬 Extract items from one array into two or more arrays by results of a provided function 0.0.0
@recursive/assign Recursive assign for objects, arrays and more 1.2.5
async-execute πŸ¦… Execute command in a child process 1.1.0
async-git πŸ‘Ύ Get some git info 1.6.1
await-reduce Resolve and reduce an array of promises 1.2.3
babelrc πŸ—Ό My own babelrc file (=> ES5) 0.0.4
bench-press Benchmark operations 1.0.0
bound-call πŸ‘” Create a bound call where you can pass 'this' context as an argument 0.0.0
boxt Create boxes around text 0.3.3
chunkalyse 🍰 Summarise webpack stats output file 0.5.4
committee πŸ•Ά Commit as someone else 0.0.6
@lets/count πŸ”’ Consistent counter 1.0.0
create-git-alias πŸ‘¨πŸ» - interactively apply useful git aliases 1.1.5
create-npx πŸ”’ bare bones bin wrapper for NPX 0.1.3
dangerfile 🚨 Centralised Dangerfile 0.2.1
dirdo πŸ—‚ Execute command in all nested directories 0.1.0
doamrn Retrieve a random item from the arguments 1.0.3
double-digit 0️⃣ Add leading zero to positive numbers under 10 0.0.0
ecma-webpack-plugin Verify your output code is compliant to the version you're targeting 0.0.0
edit-package Read, write and reset package.json 1.0.3
errobj ☠️ Serialise errors to literal (JSONable) object 2.0.0
eslint-plugin-log πŸ‘• ESLint plugin: log the paths of all files being linted 1.2.3
@omrilotan/eslint-config πŸ”§ My usual eslint-config 1.0.0
@does/exist πŸ—„ Check if a file exists 1.0.0
@recursive/flatten 🍳 Flatten arrays of arrays, as long as all the members are arrays 1.0.1
handle-rejection πŸ’€ Handle unhandled rejections 0.1.1
hypertonia A theme for Hyper. 0.2.8
index-require ☝️ Create an index for a lib directory 1.0.0
jsnpm Use NPM in Javascript runtime 0.3.5
jsoncopy Create a deep clone of an object using JSON functionalities. 1.0.0
key-value-join β›“ Join object entries to create a string representation 0.0.0
levelheaded βš–οΈ Generate object containing functions deemed operational by level 1.2.0
markdownise Represent data structures in markdown 0.0.0
markt Generate pages from markdown 1.2.4
module-scope πŸ“ '__dirname' and '__filename' in harmony modules 1.0.0
notate Resolve dot notation strings 1.1.2
oh-my-gauge Gauge and Benchmark - time Javascript operations 1.0.1
paraphrase Create flavoured string phraser 1.7.0
@does/percent Calculate one part's percentage of the whole 0.0.2
perfrep 🐎 Host Performance Report in Percent 0.2.1
reverse-dns-lookup πŸ•΅ Verify an IP is related to a certain domain 1.0.0
rmext βœ‚οΈ Remove file extension 0.0.1
@lets/run πŸ‘Ÿ run npm scripts interactively 1.0.1
run-all-the-things πŸ‘Ÿ Run NPM scripts in parallel 0.2.0
sample-size 🎲 pass/fail by sample size 1.0.1
selenium-chrome-clear-cache πŸ—‘ Clear cache of Chrome in Selenium 1.2.2
@lets/sleep πŸ›Œ Block the runtime for n milliseconds 1.0.0
@does/sortby βš”οΈ Sort array of objects by key or function 1.1.0
stdline πŸ’¬ Update current STDOUT stream 0.1.0
string-wrap πŸ₯ͺ wrap a string from both sides 1.0.0
the-moon πŸŒ• Show me the moon 1.1.0
transparent-pixel One transparent pixel 1.0.0
upgradable Interactive upgrade machine for NPM CLI tools 0.0.10
@lets/wait ⏲ A promising wait function 1.0.0
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