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This library is for evaluating Omron sensor 2SMPB-02E with M5Stack.

2SMPB-02E is a compact MEMS absolute pressure sensor with high accuracy and low current consumption.
Built-in 24-bit ADC with low noise, it can measure atmospheric pressure with high accuracy.
Control and output are digital methods via the I2C/SPI interface, which realizes low current consumption by automatic sleep mode.



Installation this library on Arduino IDE.

  1. Download ".zip" from this repository.
  2. Install from Arduino IDE's Sketch -> Library -> install from zip.

How to use

see examples/sample.ino


@akita11 has contributed as the basis of this project.

and more contributors .
Thank you to all our contributors!


The files (number.c, number.h and bcconfig.h) from the "bc" program included in this repository are licensed under the GPL license.

Other files are licensed under the MIT license.

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