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Path Planning using Neural A* Search (ICML 2021)

This is the official repository for the following paper:

Ryo Yonetani*, Tatsunori Taniai*, Mohammadamin Barekatain, Mai Nishimura, Asako Kanezaki, "Path Planning using Neural A* Search", ICML, 2021 [paper] [project page]


Neural A* is a novel data-driven search-based planner that consists of a trainable encoder and a differentiable version of A* search algorithm called differentiable A* module. Neural A* learns from demonstrations to improve the trade-off between search optimality and efficiency in path planning and also to enable the planning directly on raw image inputs.

A* search Neural A* search Planning on raw image input
astar neural_astar warcraft


  • This branch presents minimal working examples for training Neural A* to (1) solve shortest path problems and (2) perform planning directly on WarCraft map images.
  • For reproducing experiments in our ICML'21 paper, please refer to icml2021 branch.
  • For creating datasets used in our experiments, please visit planning datasets repository.

Getting started

  • Try Neural A* on Google Colab! Open In Colab
  • The code has been tested on Ubuntu >=18.04 as well as WSL2 (Ubuntu 20.04) on Windows 11, with python3 (>=3.8). Planning can be performed only on the CPU, and the use of GPUs is supported for training/evaluating Neural A* models. We also provide Dockerfile and docker-compose.yaml to replicate our setup.

Installation (venv)

$ git clone --recursive
$ python -m venv .venv
$ source .venv/bin/activate
(.venv) $ pip install .[dev]

or with docker compose

$ docker compose build
$ docker compose up -d neural-astar
$ docker compose exec neural-astar bash

Perform shortest path search with Neural A*

See notebooks/example.ipnyb for how it works.


(.venv) $ python scripts/

You can also visualize and save planning results as gif.

(.venv) $ python scripts/

Perform planning on WarCraft data [2] with Neural A*


  • Download warcraft_maps.tar.gz from Blackbox Combinatorial Solvers page. [2]
  • Extract the directory named 12x12 (smallest maps) and place it on the root of this project directory.


(.venv) $ python scripts/

Once training has been done, open notebooks/example_warcraft.ipnyb to see how it works.


Data format (c.f. #1 (comment))

The datafile mazes_032_moore_c8.npz was created using our data generation script in a separate repository

In the data, arr_0 - arr_3 are 800 training, arr_4 - arr_7 are 100 validation, and arr_8 - arr_11 are 100 test data, which contain the following information (see also

  • arr_0, arr_4, arr_8: binary input maps
  • arr_1, arr_5, arr_9: one-hot goal maps
  • arr_2, arr_6, arr_10: optimal directions (among eight directions) to reach the goal
  • arr_3, arr_7, arr_11: shortest distances to the goal

For each problem instance, the start location is generated randomly when __getitem__ is called:

start_map = self.get_random_start_map(opt_dist)

Third-party implementations


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This repository includes some code from RLAgent/gated-path-planning-networks [1] with permission of the authors and from martius-lab/blackbox-backprop [2].