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React Native Radial Menu

npm version npm downloads


npm install react-native-radial-menu


var RadialMenu = require('radial-native-radial-menu');

var Application = React.createClass({
  render: function() {
    return (
        <RadialMenu onOpen={() => {}} onClose={() => {}}>
          <Text onSelect={() => {}}>A</Text>
          <Text onSelect={() => {}}>B</Text>
          <Text onSelect={() => {}}>C</Text>
          <Text onSelect={() => {}}>D</Text>


// Examples Coming soon


This menu can be fully customized using props.

  • itemRadius (Number) 30 - Menu item radius
  • menuRadius (Number) 100- Distance between root and items in open state.
  • spreadAngle (Number: 0 - 360) 360 - The angle in degrees based on which menu items are spread on a circle around our root. E.g. 360 full circle, 180 half of circle and so on.
  • startAngle (Number) 0 - Items are distributed in clockwise direction starting from startAngle. 0 is left, 90 top, and so on.
Menu Callbacks
  • onOpen (Function) - Called immediately after the menu has entered the open state.
  • onClose (Function) - Called immediately after the menu has entered the close state.
Menu Item Callbacks
  • onSelect (Function) - Called when the item is selected

Coming soon


  • git clone
  • cd react-native-radial-menu/examples/rnRadialMenu && npm install
  • Open ``./examples/rnRadialMenu/ios/rnRadialMenu.xcodeproject` in xcode
  • command+r (in xcode)