Give Me My Data helps you reclaim and reuse your Facebook data.
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About Give Me My Data

Give Me My Data is a Facebook application that helps users export their data out of Facebook for reuse in visualizations, archives, or any possible method of digital storytelling. Data can be exported in common formats like CSV, XML, and JSON as well as customized network graph formats.

More information:
Live application:


  1. Visit and Register as a developer
  2. Create a new Facebook Application
  3. Remove the ".example" extension from /inc/fb_config.php.example
  4. Paste the App ID/API Key, App Secret, and App Namespace into /inc/fb_config.php

Software included in this project

Facebook PHP SDK (v.3.2.2)

Requests / To do list for developers who want to contribute


  • Export "all" button
  • Translate UNIX timestamp to human-readable ISO-8601 / W3 datetime (defaults to user's timezone).
  • Figure out why calls for data in excess of specific amounts returns errors or truncated sections (e.g. >= 1,872 links, >= 573 messages, "a bazillion" status updates).
  • Get more than 1000 status updates. (5 requests)
  • Get comment threads / thread posts / comments. (3 requests)
  • Slow connections seem to be causing errors.
  • Create link to download photos stored in Facebook.
  • Add filter parameters / or accommodate pagination somehow so users can go further back in time (past FB default cap).
  • Migrate application to Graph API.
  • Retrieve mutual friends.
  • Get data from groups.
  • Fix character entities for XML export.


  • Create link to download data in common file formats (XLS, DOC).
  • Fix CSV files for multiples.
  • Export in FOAF.
  • Finish MM format.
  • Export in GraphML.
  • Fix XML node types.


  • Create instructions / tutorials for using data to make visualizations.