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App Icons Not Updating #206

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I have updated my icons in the AppStore, but the old Icons are still showing. The icons have been updated at

How can I get these changes to be reflected in the app?


Anyone else experiencing this?

To clarify, I updated my app icon which has already changed on AppStore. However, the old app icons are still showing in AppSales Mobile. How can I "force" them to refresh?


Theres no way currently to refresh icons by the looks of it, once an icon is found or failed to be found thats it for ever.
I had a related problem where the first time it tried to find my app icons it couldn't because the apps had only just been released.

I fixed it by commenting out the code which loads the icon from file, which forced it to go and grab the icons again from appshopper. Got to file IconManager.m and comment out lines 63-67 :

/*NSString *iconPath = [[self iconDirectory] stringByAppendingPathComponent:appID];
UIImage *icon = [[[UIImage alloc] initWithContentsOfFile:iconPath] autorelease];
if (icon) {
    return icon;

Run the app once. It will refresh and save the new icons. Uncomment those lines and run to return to normal, otherwise each time you run appsales its going to try and fetch and save your icons all over again.

@jjochen jjochen added a commit to jjochen/AppSales-Mobile that referenced this issue
@jjochen jjochen Fix for Issue #206: added "Reload App Icon..." cell to AccountsViewCo…
…ntroller > Manage Apps
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