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Minimalistic, nib-less templates for Xcode 4
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This project contains two templates for Xcode 4 that are reduced variants of the standard view-based and navigation-based templates.


Copy the Minimal folder to ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/Templates (create the Templates folder if it doesn't exist yet). Xcode's new project dialog should now have an additional "Minimal" section.

Differences from Standard Templates

  • No nibs
  • No verbose comments
  • Tab indentation
  • Class names are not prefixed by project name (AppDelegate instead of MyNewProjectAppDelegate)
  • All templates have an option for setting the device family (iPhone, iPad, Universal)
  • QuartzCore.framework is included by default
  • UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend is on by default – This is meant to make testing on a device easier during the initial stages of development.


Inspired by borealkiss/Minimal-Template.

See this article for more information about the Xcode 4 template system.

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