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The OmiseGO Network Community ("ONC" or "ON.Community") is a self-governed organization dedicated to the growth and promotion of the OmiseGO Network ("OMG Network"), a public good to help secure and scale decentralized financial services across geographies, asset classes and applications.

The OMG Network project was launched in 2017 by OmiseGO Pte., Ltd. ("OmiseGO") as a fully open source initiative, publicly funded via ICO. Growing from this initiative, ONC has self-organized to advance their common values, interests, and goals. We share a vision with OmiseGO but hope to serve a different and synergistic purpose.

In complement to the efforts of OmiseGO’s dedicated team, ONC is currently on a mission to build more educational resources and opportunities to design, improve and maintain the OMG Network. We seek to create a more robust ecosystem by decreasing reliance on any one entity, safeguarding the integrity of the network against any single point of failure.

The overall mission of ONC shall be to increase adoption of public blockchain financial services and openly distribute the codebase maintenance and general upkeep of the OMG Network among active community contributors.

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