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In our perspective:

  • We recognize the tendency and the right of humans to act in their own self interest
  • We believe in decentralization as a tool for creating positive sum games that benefit all participants

In our technology:

  • We seek to build protocols that maximize transparency, usefulness adaptability and efficiency
  • We are committed to open source development as defined by the Open Source Initiative
  • We believe that a diversity of backgrounds and interests among contributors results in a better product
  • We believe in experimentation, including the value of trial and error for the advancement of knowledge

In our community:

  • We value all opinions - whether positive, negative or neutral - as long as they are based on truth
  • We embrace evolution in our governance processes in order to improve inclusiveness, fairness, effectiveness and efficiency
  • We pursue clarity, transparency and neutrality in all processes
  • When allocating resources, we optimize for creating the maximum benefit to the greatest number of participants
  • We value and respect each other in all communication forms, whether online or in face-to-face discussions
  • We embrace all human beings regardless of age, ability, sex or gender identity, orientation, religion, ethnicity, social status, education, technical knowledge, political views or any other identifying characteristic; also robots if they are nice
  • We commit to constructive criticism of each other’s conduct, protecting our fellow human beings from harassment and abuse, and using banishment as a last resort
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