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GitHub Action to build an OVA using the On-Prem Meta API
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GitHub Action to build an OVA using the On-Prem Meta API

This action launches an OVA build on an On-Prem Meta appliance. It registers the builddate, build status, and the list of available downloads URLs.

GitHub Action run screenshot:

Action run screenshot

On-Prem Meta build screenshot:

Meta build screenshot

About this Action

This GitHub Action is written in CoffeeScript and builds on the on-prem-meta NodeJS module, which provides functions to easily manage the Meta or Admin API.

  1. Getting started
  2. Secrets
  3. Environment variables
  4. Inputs
  5. Outputs
  6. Examples
  7. Notes
  8. Build
  9. License

Getting started

Secrets (required)

Register some secrets for this Action to interact with your On-Prem Meta appliance. These secrets must be set as environment variables in your workflow.

  • ON_PREM_META_HOST: the hostname and port of your appliance (ex:
  • ON_PREM_META_APITOKEN: the API token to launch a build on your appliance (ex: yourtoken)

Environment variables (optional)

  • ON_PREM_META_INSECURE: If you're using a self-signed certificate, set to true. Default: false to always verify certificates


All build parameters for the On-Prem Meta API's POST /builds endpoint are available as an Input to this action.


(required) The location of your application (ex: /my/path/app.tcz). Note: This is not the file contents, just the path to the file


(required): Git repository containing appliance settings


(required): The type of OVA to build (ex: server)


(optional): The OVA's OS version. Default: 1.0.0 or auto-increments


(optional): A friendly name for display purposes only. Default: v1.0.0-<commit> or auto-increments


(optional): 1 for OVA, 2 for Diff, 3 for OVA+Diff, 4 for Bundle, 5 for OVA+Bundle, 8 for Full, 9 for OVA+Full, 15 for OVA+Diff+Bundle+Full. Default: 15


(optional): The build ID (builddate) of a previous build. Required if build_type is 2, 3, 4, 5, or 15. Default: last successful released build if build_type > 1


(optional): The Git branch/tag/commit ID to build from. Default: HEAD


(optional): A comma-separated list of build IDs for creating a bundle update package. Required if build_type is 4, 5, or 15. Default: same as ova_source


(optional): A free-form text field to store notes related the build. Only accepts abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789-_.,#!*[]&/() \n\"\\:


(optional): The build ID (builddate) of another appliance built with build_type 8, 9, or 15, to be included in an OVA or Update.


(optional): The SHA256 checksum hash of the app file. If provided, a validation will ensure the uploaded app's checksum matches.


(optional): A comma-separated list of disk types to export. Only accepts raw, qcow2, vhd when build_type is 1, 3, 5, 9, or 15.


(optional): A comma-separated list of OVAs to be built (ex: small,large). Default: all.



The builddate which can be used to perform additional API calls (ex: 1574834281.966265128)


The status of the build once it completes (ex: success or failed)


The list of download URLs for a build (ex:


The example below will generate an OVA with a dummy app.tcz. This workflow can be modified to perform many more tasks before and after building the OVA, and it can be triggered on other events such as pull_request. See GitHub Actions documentation


name: OVA
on: [push]
    # timeout after 2.5 hours
    timeout-minutes: 180
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    # checkout the repo's code (appliance settings)
    - name: Checkout the repo
      uses: actions/checkout@v1
    # generate a dummy app.tcz (can be created in another job or downloaded from an external URL)
    - name: Generate an app.tcz
      run: |
        cd /tmp
        mkdir myapp
        echo "test app" > myapp/testfile.txt
        mksquashfs myapp app.tcz -b 4096
    # build the OVA with some example parameters
    - name: Use On-Prem Meta to build an OVA
      uses: on-prem/action-build-ova@v1
      id: buildova
        app: '/tmp/app.tcz'
        repo_name: ${{ }}
        ova_type: 'appliance'
        commit: ${{ github.sha }}
        build_type: 9
        export_disks: 'raw,qcow2,vhd'
      # set the required environment variables
        ON_PREM_META_HOST: ${{ secrets.ON_PREM_META_HOST }}
    # output the results
    - name: "Output the builddate, status, downloads"
      run: |
        echo "Building OVA: ${{ steps.buildova.outputs.builddate }}"
        echo "OVA Status: ${{ steps.buildova.outputs.status }}"
        echo "OVA Downloads: ${{ steps.buildova.outputs.downloads }}"


  • This Action performs no input validation, since the On-Prem Meta API validates all parameters. It is still necessary to be careful which values you define in your YAML workflow
  • It is recommended to specify timeout-minutes: 180 in the workflow, to prevent polling for too long
  • (TODO) A canceled workflow run will not cancel a running build. This will be fixed in a future version
  • All failures, such as API errors, 404s, timeouts, failed builds, etc, will return a conclusion: failure in the Checks API
  • A successful build will return a conclusion: success in the Checks API


To build this action:

  • Install NodeJS v12
  • Install the dev dependencies with npm install
  • Generate the dist/index.js with npm run build


MPL-2.0 License

Copyright (c) 2019 Alexander Williams, Unscramble

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