send pocsag messages inside RF22 on si4432-based ISM modules
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POCSAG via si4432-based ISM modules

This application is designed to send 512 bps POCSAG-messages
using si4432-based ISM transceivers.

There are currently two versions of this application:
- arduino+linux:
This uses a linux-based application to create the pocsag-message
and an arduino to interface with the si4432 tranceiver module

Version: 0.1.0 (2014/03/30)

- arduino 
This uses an arduino to both create POCSAG-message and to interface
with the si4432 based ISM-tranceiver for broadcasting the message.

As the "create pocsag message" code has now been moved to a dedicated
arduino class, the code has been moved to a new location:

Have fun!

Kristoff - ON1ARF