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Code Design Training Code Samples

on Code Design

This repository contains the code samples and exercises that are used in the Code Design Training by Florin Coros.

Training home page:


The training is structured in eight lessons and all these code samples are part of the training materials. They are used to exemplify concepts and to rise discussions. Even if the training is not specific to a programming language or a technology the code samples are in C#.

The repository contains three folders with different Visual Studio solutions:

  • LessonSamples folder contains small code snippets from most of the lessons
  • DesignPatterns folder has C# demos for most of the desing patterns learned during the training
  • AppInfraDemo folder contains a demo for the last lesson of the training. This lessons focuses on techniques to control complexity and size of large projects, by developing an application infrastructure. This code can also serve as a startup in practicing on how to develop such an infrastructure or how to build on top of it.

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Intended Audience

These samples are useful to the ones that attend or have attended the training. They can revise them for further study or discussions. Outside of the context of the training, some samples may be of little value. This is especially true for the one in the LessonSamples folder.

On the other hand, someone who learns on her own Design Patterns or the AppBoot library the demos in the DesingPatterns folder respectively in the AppInfraDemo folder may be of help


Most of this code is for demonstration and educational purpose only, It was not intended nor tested to be executed to produce any kind of results.

Some of the examples are inspired or taken from various sources which are clearly referenced in the training material, which is the primary way of presenting and using these samples. This repository is mainly a support for sharing them.


Code samples used in the Code Design Training by Florin Coros







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