A script written that will check to make sure you have the required With's included in your ada file.
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You can update this file (which it may already be) to use a passed in parameter.

There are many tools out there which can pass in the currently active file to a command.

This is helpful if you have say Notepad++ or something similar, you could setup a shortcut key and automatically update the withs in your file.

The main idea for this comes from when I have been writing Android projects, I can use a shortcut key combo and automatically update the
imports. I liked that, but didn't have the same option for an ada project. Thus this project was born.

V1. Using the Test file we can extract out the package names.

Known To not work in the case of using "use" statements, which to me seems like a poor coding practice, however perhaps at some point,
adding to the script so it knows what functions/procedures are available would allow this to be better handled.