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onAirVR Client for Oculus Mobile current release os

Make your PC VR game wirelessly playable!

onAirVR makes a mobile VR device act as a wireless VR HMD for a desktop by streaming video/audio which are rendered in realtime on the desktop to onAirVR mobile apps. This is the plugin for developing onAirVR client app for Oculus Mobile on Unity game engine.

Before Getting Started

onAirVR consists of two applications - mobile VR client app & content app on PC.

Please ensure you have right hardwares :

  • Oculus Quest
  • Windows desktop powered by NVIDIA graphics

This plugin is for client app development, and the plugins for PC content app are belows :


This project is the official onAirVR app for Oculus Mobile. You can download and install the apk from Releases, or clone the whole project and build yourself. Please see Getting Started for how to build.

You may download pre-exported packages of each version from Releases to develop your own onAirVR app.

User Guide


onAirVR Client for Oculus Mobile is MIT licensed.