Instantiable (non-static) PHP class that allows for easy curling of addresses, taking into consideration acceptable mime types, http auth, response sizes and cookie storing.
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This library was many years in the making for me. While it's usage is limited (eg. currently only supports get, post and head requests), it's focused around the ability to quickly specify a resource to pull, and depending on it's meta details (eg. how big the document is, what mime types it claims itself as), proceed with the requests.

Whether or not a url is accepted can be controlled through the following methods

  • setMime set the acceptable mime type
  • setMimes set the acceptable mime types

Information about a cURL request's error can be accessed through the getErrors method. Additionally, raw information about the request can be accessed through the getInfo method.

Example Output of a URL


    // booting
    require_once APP . '/vendors/PHP-Curler/src/Curler.class.php';
    // grab contents and display
    $curler = new Curler();
    echo $curler->get('');

The above example, quite simply, downloads the source, and displays it. By default, every new Curler instance is configured to accept documents whose mime type falls into the category of 'webpage' (which includes the mime types application/xhtml+xml and text/html).