Simple and lightweight PHP pagination class that works with Twitter Bootstrap perfectly. Manages pagination variables through instantiable class, and markup rendering through view-like include file.
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PHP Pagination

PHP-Pagination contains an instantiable class, along with a view which renders the pagination markup.

The purpose of this library is to provide a simple API to render pagination markup, without having to worry about including common files and set too many settings. With this class, you simply pass in your parameters and make a call to the instance's *<parse> method.

Pagination Instantiation and Rendering


    // source inclusion
    require_once APP . '/vendors/PHP-Pagination/Pagination.class.php';

    // determine page (based on <_GET>)
    $page = isset($_GET['page']) ? ((int) $_GET['page']) : 1;

    // instantiate; set current page; set number of records
    $pagination = (new Pagination());

    // grab rendered/parsed pagination markup
    $markup = $pagination->parse();