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Collection of common Elixir utilities

Updated Aug 30, 2016

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keeping it DRY

Updated Aug 5, 2016


Terms of Service for QLP's Payment Service

Updated Apr 26, 2016

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forked from danielberkompas/cloak

Elixir encryption library designed for Ecto

Updated Mar 11, 2016


forked from activemerchant/active_merchant

This branch adds (basic) support for the Bluefin Gateway. Bluefin uses Ezic's Gateway (Ezic offers its Gateway as a white label product)

Updated Dec 4, 2015


forked from fuelxc/mongoid-paperclip

Mongoid::Paperclip enables you to use Paperclip with the Mongoid ODM for MongoDB.

Updated Mar 10, 2015


forked from attr-encrypted/attr_encrypted

Generates attr_accessors that encrypt and decrypt attributes - forked to fix issue #2 which breaks the plain Ruby functionality thus making this fork only suitable for RoR

Updated Dec 17, 2012

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