A clone of the antigrain-geometry graphics library as found under http://antigrain.com
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Yet another clone of the Antigrain Geometry library (http://www.antigrain.com/) created by Maxim Shemanarev. The hi-quality graphics library without any central maintainer (?). This clone is based on https://agg.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/agg.

It is meant to serve as the backend for my poppler-agg project to be found under:


Changes for now

  • made some operators for agg::trans_affine const

  • added [[agg::color_cmyka]] and [[agg::pixfmt_cmyk]] Everything we need to paint in CMYK colorspace.

  • added [[add::gradient_biradial]] a plugin class for the gradient calculation which supports the radial gradient filling as specified for PDF/Postscript

  • removed global constant gradient_subpixel_shift and allow [GradientF] template argument to "inherit" its personal subpixel_shift value. This way it is possible to generate gradients of variable "smoothness".

  • new color type and agg::pixfmt_device_n agg_color_device_na for color spaces with variable numbers of color channels like DeviceN in pdf.