Docker Compose that spins up an OpenLDAP server with sample data
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Getting started

docker-compose up

On the first run, this will start downloading the base images and will start the server in the attached mode - with the terminal and OpenLDAP startup logs hooked on.

For more options starting up, please see

Managing Docker containers and images

For those unfamiliar with Docker here are a few useful commands:

# SSH into a running container
docker exec -i -t [<CONTAINER-ID>|<CONTAINER-NAME>] /bin/bash

# List running containers
docker ps

# List all containers
docker ps -a

# Remove container

# List local main images
docker images

# List local images
docker images -a

# Remove image
docker rmi <IMAGE-ID>


Using ldap protocol:

  • Server - ldap://localhost:389
  • Bind DN - cn=admin,dc=example,dc=org
  • Bind Password - admin

Using SSL:

  • Server - ldaps://localhost:636
  • Bind DN - cn=admin,dc=example,dc=org
  • Bind Password - admin

Note: If you plan to use SSL, change the domainname and hostname parameters on the docker-compose.yml file accordingly. For localhost tests you can edit your /etc/hosts file like so:

# binds the hostname to the loopback interface

Sample data

The directory is initially loaded with the sample data contained in the file ldap/directory.ldif.

That's the structure you'll find:

  • dc=example,dc=org
    • cn=admin
    • ou=Groups
      • cn=Administrator
      • cn=Developers
    • ou=People
      • cn=leonardo
      • cn=marpontes
      • cn=zach

More options

This repository only configures osixia/docker-openldap by using Docker Compose. To see all the options available please refer to the original repository linked above.

Managing the directory

An easy way to manage the objects on your running directory is by using Apache Directory Studio™.

It might be useful to:

  • Test connections;
  • Test searches;
  • View and change objects.