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Multisite Language Switcher Theme


This Theme is a hack for multilingual blog using multisite wordpress. It redirect users from "/" to "/en/" or "/fr/" in function of the accepted languages of the browser. The Theme redirect the 404 error page too.

This theme is a quick and dirty hack for my previous multilingual blog ( I've switched from Wordpress to Jekyll so I won't update it anymore (I think I never updated it ;-) Don't hesitate to fork and improve it.

This theme is a good companion to Multisite Language Switcher (by lloc) plugin for Wordpress. I've develop a similar plugin few years ago but this one is far more mature. Give it a try

Set-up Instructions

Prerequisite: Your Wordpress installtion should use a network and a dedicated folder for each language ('/fr' and '/en' in my case).

  • Install this theme on your network
  • use this theme for the root blog (which is useless if your are compliant with prerequisites )
  • Hack it if you have some specificities.

old TODO list. I won't work on it:

  • use theme option to set the languages and redirect adresses
  • don't use only the prefered language ($Langue[0]), use the others.
  • add an ignore list for (robot.txt or sitemap file generated by plugin or wordpress)


A Wordpress theme redirect visitors depending to their language. This theme needs a multisite wordpress blog.




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