Listen to FIP Radio through a minimalistic browser extension (Chrome, Opera and Firefox)
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FIP Radio for Chrome Build Status

FIP Radio for Chrome is a Chrome extension providing a minimalistic UI to play the excellent FIP Radio and to scrobble at the same time.

Extension Showcase

The goals of this extension are the following:

  • recover from loss of network connection or FIP hickups;
  • accessing the Now Playing info screen within a single click
  • scrobbling to or


If you just want to install the extension to use it: simply access the Chrome Web Store extension page, review and install it.


Contributions are friendly welcomed, either they are code, ideas or bug reports.

The developer toolchain relies on:

If you don't know them much… well it's a good occasion to learn!


  1. git clone your fork of the repository
  2. npm install in the project folder
  3. load the unpacked extension in Chrome/Chromium

Chrome Dev Tools will help you debugging by displaying errors or the various state change of the playback.


If you don't know anything about testing, Travis CI takes care about each commit to ensure the app won't break.

Test should not break (but don't comment them to avoid failures...) and new features should be testable.

Current status is pretty poor but the codebase is solid. More tests will be added soon to increase contribution safetey. As I'm using the extension everyday, I may be the first to notice any new issue ;-)