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Fix buildXML() call for extension w/o update_url #22

merged 1 commit into from about 1 year ago

2 participants

Alexey Kuzmin Thomas Parisot
Alexey Kuzmin

ChromeExtension.generateUpdateXML(); must not be called if extension has no update_url field in manifest.

Thomas Parisot oncletom merged commit 2172d59 into from
Thomas Parisot oncletom closed this
Thomas Parisot

Thank you for the fix. I've added a test to avoid reproducing the problem :-)

Alexey Kuzmin

Thank you for great plugin)

Would you mind to update npm package?

Thomas Parisot

Yep it's in the pipe, just finishing publishing tests and README, it's online in a couple of minutes :-)

Edit: it's live! and I gave you commit access too.

Alexey Kuzmin

it's live!


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May 15, 2013
Alexey Kuzmin alexeykuzmin Fix buildXML() call for extension w/o update_url 578bfe1
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  1. +1 0  lib/autoupdate.js
1  lib/autoupdate.js
@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ exports.init = function(grunt){
19 19 function buildXML(ChromeExtension, callback) {
20 20 if (!ChromeExtension.manifest.update_url || !ChromeExtension.codebase){
21 21 callback();
  22 + return;
22 23 }
23 24
24 25 ChromeExtension.generateUpdateXML();

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