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Minimalistic WebExtension to listen to FIP Radio, the best eclectic radio station (for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Edge)
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FIP Radio — for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera web browsers Build Status

FIP Radio WebExtension is a minimalistic browser interface to listen to FIP Radio, an eclectic and ad-free radio station. You can optionnally scrobble to your account.

I developed this extension to listen to my favourite radio station when I moved from France to London.

Extension Showcase


One-click playback, volume control and song preview Get to know what aired previously
Select a station Scrobble to

Oh, and it's ads free and trackers free.
Check the privacy policy to know more how first-parties (aka. not me) may collect data about you.

Install in your browser

You are one click away from installing the extension in your favourite web browser. FIP Radio WebExtension is distributed on the official web stores:

Once installed, the radio playback is accessible by clicking on the FIP logo, freshly added to your browser.

That's it!


Contributions are friendly welcomed, either they are code, ideas or bug reports.

The developer toolchain relies on:

If you don't know them much… well it's a good occasion to learn!

Development Setup

Better for you to have (v10+) installed on your computer to use the development tooling.

Hit the Clone or download button above to get a copy of the source code. Then run these commands in a terminal:

$ npm install
$ npm run watch

Then load the unpacked extension or temporary module in your browser by typing a special URL:

Firefox Chrome
about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox chrome://extensions/

The browser will ask you to locate the manifest.json file.

After being loaded, any change in the source code will be taken in account immediately ⚠️ except background page code — which requires to hit the related Refresh or Reload button in the extension panel.

Chrome Dev Tools will help you debugging by displaying errors or the various state change of the playback.


Tests partially assert the code works as expected. You can check on your own:

$ npm test

If you don't think about it, no problem, tests are automated when you contribute back your code.

You will receive help and guidance if adding new tests is necessary.

Current status is pretty poor but the codebase is solid.

Privacy Policy

Read the end user privacy policy.

tl;dr no data is collected.


MIT license.

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