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Plugin Name: Canalblog Importer
Description: Enables content importing from a blog hosted on Canalblog platform.
Author: Oncle Tom
Version: 1.4
Text Domain: canalblog-importer
Domain Path: /i18n
Author URI:
Plugin URI:
This plugin is released under version 3 of the GPL:
/* needed to enable automatic extraction with Poedit for plugin listing */
__('Enables content importing from a blog hosted on Canalblog platform.', 'canalblog-importe');
if (phpversion() < '5.2')
printf("Canalblog Importer nécessite PHP 5.2 ou plus (votre version : <code>%s</code>). <a href='' target='_blank'>Comment faire</a> ?", phpversion());
if (preg_match('#^WIN#iU', php_uname('s')) || !function_exists('strptime'))
printf("Canalblog Importer ne fonctionne pas sous Windows ou sur les sytèmes auxquels il manque la fonction <code>strptime</code>.");
require dirname(__FILE__).'/lib/Plugin.class.php';
$CanalblogImporterPlugin = WPPluginToolkitPlugin::create('CanalblogImporter', __FILE__);