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Classification tools for haematological diseases
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hemaClass: Classification tool for haematological diseases

The package hemaClass for the programming language R is a set of tools used for classification of hematological cancers using DNA microarrays. The package features one-by-one and reference based RMA normalisation, a proposed alternatives to regular cohort based RMA normalization, and oncogenomic classification and prediction of drug resistance of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphomas (DLBCL) and Multiple Myeloma (MM).

An easy-to-use shiny web application is incorporated into the package and available online at or as a local instance via runHemaClass() in R. The hemaClass package can naturally also be used programatically as a regular R-package. Please do not hessitate to report bugs, suggestions, comments, and other issues for the hemaClass website or package via = "hemaClass").

The currently only featured platform is Affymetrix GeneChip HG-U133 Plus 2.0 ("u133plus2") but more are planned.


If you wish to install the latest version of hemaClass directly from the master branch here at GitHub, run

# Install necessary packages
# First from bioconductor
biocLite(c("affy", "affyio", "preprocessCore"))

# Then from CRAN
install.packages(c("shiny", "matrixStats", "Rcpp", "RcppArmadillo", 
                   "testthat", "WriteXLS", "RLumShiny", "gdata", "devtools"))

# From GitHub and finally the package:
devtools::install_github("oncoclass/hemaClass", dependencies = TRUE,
                         build_vignettes = TRUE)

hemaClass is still under development and should be considered unstable. Be sure that you have the package development prerequisites if you wish to install the package from the source.

Note: The interface and function names may still see significant changes and modifications!

Using hemaClass

Please confer the vignette to hemaClass which can be found via vignette("howto") or on the help page at It can also be directly read at github.


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