Landscape Layout not working correctly in iPad with iOS 5.1 #14

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I took the master branch demo, and added the shouldAutorotate... method below to the OLViewController.m to allow it rotate.

It rotates, but it doesn't work correctly: the alert popups are still displayed like the iPad was in portrait mode. It is like the view is missing a transformation.

  • (BOOL)shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation:(UIInterfaceOrientation)interfaceOrientation { return YES; }

Note: maybe related: I have to add this to may .pch to resolve compiling issues:

#define NS_ENUM(_type, _name) enum _name : _type _name; enum _name : _type


Note: if you add this to the show method it will work "correctly" when in landscape. However, the rotation doesn't work fine.

self.transform = window.rootViewController.view.transform;
self.frame = CGRectMake(self.frame.origin.y, self.frame.origin.x, self.frame.size.width, self.frame.size.height);
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Sorry about that. Broke this with commit 0aa66de. Looking into it.


I noticed that you are adding the "ghost view" to the Window. I do not know if you did that in the previous versions, but the Window doesn't have the rotation transformation (not sure if that helps).

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That's exactly the issue. I'll try to fix this today or tomorrow. Adding as a subview of the window was issue #1, and I rushed to fix it because of #11. Not sure if I'll revert to adding it as a subview of the Root View Controller (or Presented VC if there is one) or just manually transform it.

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I promise I won't promise any more ETAs. This fix is coming someday.

@radutzan radutzan added a commit that closed this issue Apr 23, 2013
@radutzan radutzan Fixed orientation bugs (fix #14) by not adding OLGAV as a subview of …
…the window.

Trust me, I tried. I really tried. In the process, OLGAV got slightly more awesome by making extensive use of layoutSubviews. This change, ironically, improves OLGAV's behaviour when rotating by a lot, since it now recalculates all frames to adapt to the new size. Hooray?
@radutzan radutzan closed this in 76d0973 Apr 23, 2013

Thank you :)

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