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Text Transform Plugin for CKEditor

A very simple plugin which provides transforming selected text to new cases. You can transform selected text to uppercase, lowercase or simply capitalize it.

Available Transform Cases

  • Transform Text to Uppercase: Convert letters to uppercase
  • Transform Text to Lowercase: Convert letters to lowercase
  • Transform Capitalize: Capitalize each word of selected text
  • Transform Switcher: Loop through all cases


Currently plugin supports 4 languages.

  • en
  • tr
  • fr (thanks to regisenguehard)
  • es (thanks to mivanpv)

Translations are welcomed.


  1. Download source files and place them on to be created "texttransform" folder under the CKEditor's plugin base.

  2. Define plugin in CKEDITOR config object.

     CKEDITOR.config.extraPlugins = 'texttransform';
  3. Add transform buttons to your editor toolbar.

     CKEDITOR.config.toolbar = [
     { name: 'paragraph',   groups: ['texttransform'] }
  4. Set your CKEDITOR language if you did not set it yet.

     CKEDITOR.config.language = 'en';


View the live demo on jsFiddle.


Thanks to [CKEditor] 1 and [jsFiddle] 2 for their good work.

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