Takes a path to a directory containing JPEG images and returns a GeoJSON file with all Exif GPS coordinates from those images
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#GeoJSON from Exif

Takes a path to a directory containing JPEG images and outputs a GeoJSON structure with Exif GPS coordinates from those images.


Use from OS X command line:

$ geojson-from-exif [path_to_directoy]

The directory path is optional. If none given, current directory is used.


You can use GeoJSONLint to test the output.

This is a quick and dirty experiment with the new (at the time of writing) Swift language. I make no guarantees or warranties as to its accuracy, stability or compatibility.



Copyright G. Stevens 2014, all rights reserved.

You are permitted to use, fork, modify and distribute this work.

Under the following condition:

If you wish to use the code in this repository in a project of your own, in any way that could be considered `derivative work,' then you must show attribution.