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if [ -z "$1" ]; then
echo "Usage: release <new_version>"
exit 1
set -e
# Push version in gipsyversion.h
cat xpc/gipsyversion.h | sed -e "s/\".*\"/\"$VERSION\"/" > xpc/
mv xpc/ xpc/gipsyversion.h
# Push version in install.rdf and update.rdf
cat extension/install.rdf | sed -e "s/\(em:version=\"\).*\"/\\1$VERSION\"/" > extension/
mv extension/ extension/install.rdf
#cat html/update.rdf | sed -e "s/\(em:version>\).*</\\1$VERSION</" > html/
#mv html/ html/update.rdf
# Modify about dialog
cat extension/chrome/content/about.xul | sed -e "s/version .*</version $VERSION</" >
mv extension/chrome/content/about.xul
git commit -a -m "Commit for release $VERSION"
# Make tag
git tag release_$VERSION
# Publish
make clean
find extension -name "*~" | xargs rm
echo "Upload gipsy.xpi"
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