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This project explores features of current Chromium-based UI libraries, namely those of nw.js and Electron.

A sample native application -- a lightweight image viewer -- is implemented using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, leveraging APIs provided by these frameworks. The app can be run using either nw.js or Electron, as there is a very thin compatibility facade that allows writing cross-toolkit code.

The main goal here is to learn how to develop a native app using Web technology; nw.js/Electron comparison is a side product.

Features, planned and implemented

  • Fullscreen viewing
    • Keyboard controls
    • Mouse magnifier
    • Panning
  • Grid-based directory viewing
    • Keyboard controls
    • Image file info
    • EXIF
  • Filesystem traversal/tree
  • Clipboard support
  • Image operations
    • File operations (rename, delete, ...)
    • Geometry adjustments (rotation, mirroring)
    • Pixel adjustments (brightness, desaturation, colorization, blur, ...)
    • Saving


  1. Clone this project
  2. npm install electron-prebuilt if you want to run it using Electron
  3. ./ [path-to-image-file]
  4. if this fails, adjust your path in the file above
  5. npm install nw if you want to run it using nw.js
  6. ./ [path-to-image-file]
  7. if this fails, adjust your path in the file above


No ES6/ES2015?

There is a limited ES6 support in Electron, but almost none in nw.js. Once nw.js 0.13 (with recent V8) is out, the code will be re-written in ES6.

Only one FAQ question?

No, two of them.