This repository contains my previous works when I was at University and when I was employed after that. Also contains all the stuff I am interested in now.
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Web development



  • Parser of Warnings and Errors
    • script processes the user-selected file and classifies from it by keywords WARNING and Error
    • usage in FEM analysis
  • Nonlinear regression of decay of Radon [pdf, 552 KB] (only Czech)
    • this project was solved for National Radiation Protection Institute (SURO v.v.i.)
    • solving system of linear ordinary differential equations
    • curve fitting of parameters of mathematical model
  • Animation of Rotor vibration
    • complex GUI where user can select a type of measure of vibration (e.g. on bearing, on rotor, etc.) and also vibration sensor (DE-X, ...)
    • possibility to change the speed of animation
    • animations of 2D and 3D graphs
  • Computation of Stress Intensity Factor
    • usage in crack analysis, (example)
    • Failure assessment diagram
    • possibility to set up a lots of parameters for a couple type of cracks (flat plates)
    • context-sensitive (tooltip) help
  • Computation of parameters of Paris function
    • linear regression to finding parameters of Paris function
    • possibility to select rectangular area for computation/regression (these values are highlighted different color)


  • Text Finder
    • GUI application for searching words in text file that are required by user
    • searching based on regular expressions
    • for clarity is searched text highlighted by color


all pdf files are in typesetting of LaTeX and mostly in Czech

  • Semestral work

    • Advanced Numerical Methods 1 [pdf, 182 KB]
      • numerical solution of system of four nonlinear ODE using Newton's method
      • matlab's code [pdf, 31 KB]
    • Numerical Mathematics Software [pdf, 218 KB]
      • numerical integration using matlab's scripts quad8 and quadl
      • analysing of results
    • Numerical Analysis [pdf, 193 KB]
      • usage of Matlab to solving numerical problems
      • QR, LU, Cholesky, etc... decompositions, matlab's code
    • Mathematical Modelling [pdf, 198 KB]
      • transient heat conduction
      • modelling using Matlab
    • Mathematical Models of Electromagnetic Field [pdf, 550KB]
      • numerical solution of electrostatic field using FEM, Laplace equation
      • computation using Matlab
    • Geometrical Computational Modelling [pdf, 188 KB]
      • translation of article: Gaussian and mean curvatures of rational Bézier patches
    • Neural Network
      • training net, bipolar functions, ... [pdf, 360 KB]
      • training of Perceptron net [pdf, 152 KB]
      • training of Kohonen net [pdf, 198 KB]
  • Homework

    • Numerical Mathematics Software
      • error of approximation [pdf, 72 KB]
      • condition number of a matrix [pdf, 84 KB]
      • stability of algorithms [pdf, 87 KB]
      • floating point [pdf, 63KB]
      • machine epsilon [pdf, 70 KB]
      • loss of significance (cancellation) [pdf, 65 KB]
      • accumulation of errors [pdf, 64 KB]
      • norm of vector [pdf, 96 KB]
  • Others mathematical things...

    • Derivation of Lorentz and Galilean coordinate transformations of Maxwell's equations [pdf, 82 KB]
    • Derivation of Simpson's rule [pdf, 60 KB]
    • Theorem of Integration of integral dependent on a parameter [pdf, 88 KB]
    • Others of using the previous theorem [pdf, 92 KB]
    • Sum of the infinite series arctan(1/k^2) in closed form [pdf, 84 KB]
    • Sum of the finite series of combinational numbers in closed form [pdf, 84 KB]
    • Stability of solutions of ODE, examples [pdf, 75 KB]
    • Examples of mathematical analysis for the freshmen FEL (2006, 2010) and FAV (2007-2010) that I taught [pdf, 98 KB]
  • First meeting with Matlab