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The best snake game for Arduino! 🐍
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Tutorial 📢

  1. Get the parts, install Arduino IDE, install drivers for Arduino (if you have Arduino clone AND you are using Windows for some strange reason)
  2. Copy-paste the code into Arduino IDE
  3. Install the LedControl library using Arduino IDE Library Manager
  4. Wire everything up (see the Wiring Diagram)
  5. Connect your Arduino and select it in Tools > Board and Tools > Port
  6. Upload
  7. (optional) Tweak the variables, explore the code 😉

Parts 🎈

Part Name Ebay Link Price Note
Arduino NANO (clone) 3.42 USD UNO can be used as well
LED Matrix 1.99 USD MAX7219 controlled 8x8 LED Matrix
Joystick 0.99 USD
Potentiometer 1.37 USD any 1k ohm to 100k ohm should be fine
Some wires 1.20 USD 12 wires needed
Breadboard 1.59 USD
Total 10.56 USD

Wiring diagram 🎉

Pin Arduino NANO or UNO
Matrix CLK 10
Matrix CS 11
Matrix DIN 12
Joystick X A2
Joystick Y A3
Potentiometer A7

wiring diagram The exact pin order for the matrix or joystick may be different from the one shown on the image, so please be intelligent and use the table above

Other variants 👀

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