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An app that lets you record service trades
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Trade Tally

A responsive web app that lets you record your service trades, so you know what your balance is (positive or negative) with any of your trade partners. See live demo here

The backend server side code was build with Node.js and Mongo DB. The repo can be found here


Currently I'm a hairstylist. I trade services with a variety of people: Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Aetheticians, etc. Problem is, we're all left manually recording trades if we want to know who's owed who a service since our client management systems aren't linked together. I wanted an easy way to record when either party has performed a service, what the value of that service is, and what my balance is so I can determine who's turn it is. Trade Tally lets you do this. With a few clicks it provides an easy way to enter trades, see a summary of where all your trades are at, and dig into the details of your trade history.

Technology Used

  • React/Redux
  • Enzyme/Jest
  • Node/Express
  • Mongo
  • twilio
  • Continuous Integration & deployment with Travis CI
  • HTML
  • CSS

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