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Intel(R) oneAPI Data Analytics Library

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Intel(R) oneAPI Data Analytics Library (oneDAL) is a library that helps speed up big data analysis. We provide highly optimized algorithmic building blocks for all stages of data analytics: preprocessing, transformation, analysis, modeling, validation, and decision making. Our algorithms suppost batch, online, and distributed processing modes of computation.

The current version of oneDAL provides Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) API extensions to the traditional C++ interface.

oneDAL and Intel(R) DAAL

Intel(R) oneAPI Data Analytics Library is an extenstion of Intel(R) Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel(R) DAAL).

This repository contains branches corresponding to both oneAPI and classical versions of the library. We encourage you to use oneDAL located under the master branch. To learn about the difference between releases and master branches, read about preview features.

Product Latest release Branch Resources
oneDAL oneAPI Beta master
releases (contains the latest stable version)
   Home page   
   System Requirements
Intel(R) DAAL 2020 Gold rls/daal-2020-rls
rls/daal-2020-mnt (contains ongoing fixes)
   Home page   
   Developer Guide   
   System Requirements

Table of Contents

Preview Features

Preview features are introduced to gain early feedback from developers. A preview feature is subject to change in the future releases. Using a preview feature in a production code base is therefore strongly discouraged.

  • The releases branch contains the latest stable version of the library. The API for this branch can be considered stable.
  • The master branch contains preview features along with the stable ones. The stability of API for this branch is not guaranteed.

Users who wish to use, test, and provide feedback on the new features are encouraged to use the master branch.

Note: The list of features that should be considered preview features is empty at this moment. When we add features with no guarantee of stability, features that reserve the right to change and break the API at any time, we will list them here.


You can install oneDAL:

See Installation from Sources for details.


Examples for different programming languages:

Data Examples for different computation modes:


Python API

daal4py is a simplified Python API to Intel(R) DAAL that allows fast usage of the framework suited for Data Scientists or Machine Learning users.

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