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Build system description

The project uses CMake build configuration.

The following controls are available during the configure stage:

TBB_TEST:BOOL - Enable testing (ON by default)
TBB_STRICT:BOOL - Treat compiler warnings as errors (ON by default)
TBB_SANITIZE:STRING - Sanitizer parameter, passed to compiler/linker
TBB_SIGNTOOL:FILEPATH - Tool for digital signing, used in post install step for libraries if provided.
TBB_SIGNTOOL_ARGS:STRING - Additional arguments for TBB_SIGNTOOL, used if TBB_SIGNTOOL is set.
TBB_BUILD:BOOL - Enable Intel(R) oneAPI Threading Building Blocks (oneTBB) build (ON by default)
TBBMALLOC_BUILD:BOOL - Enable Intel(R) oneAPI Threading Building Blocks (oneTBB) memory allocator build (ON by default)
TBBMALLOC_PROXY_BUILD:BOOL - Enable Intel(R) oneAPI Threading Building Blocks (oneTBB) memory allocator proxy build (requires TBBMALLOC_BUILD. ON by default)
TBB4PY_BUILD:BOOL - Enable Intel(R) oneAPI Threading Building Blocks (oneTBB) Python module build (OFF by default)
TBB_CPF:BOOL - Enable preview features of the library (OFF by default)
TBB_INSTALL_VARS:BOOL - Enable auto-generated vars installation(packages generated by `cpack` and `make install` will also include the vars script)(OFF by default)
TBB_VALGRIND_MEMCHECK:BOOL - Enable scan for memory leaks using Valgrind (OFF by default)
TBB_DISABLE_HWLOC_AUTOMATIC_SEARCH - Disable HWLOC automatic search by pkg-config tool (OFF by default)
TBB_ENABLE_IPO - Enable Interprocedural Optimization (IPO) during the compilation (ON by default)

Configure, build, and test


To perform out-of-source build, create a build directory and go there:

mkdir /tmp/my-build
cd /tmp/my-build


cmake <options> <repo_root>

Some useful options:

  • -G <generator> - specify particular project generator. See cmake --help for details.
  • -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug - specify for Debug build. It is not applicable for multiconfig generators, e.g. for Visual Studio* generator.

TBBBind library configuration

The TBBbind library has three versions: tbbbind, tbbbind_2_0, and tbbbind_2_5. Each of these versions is linked with corresponding HWLOC library version:

  • tbbbind links with HWLOC 1.11.x
  • tbbbind_2_0 links with HWLOC 2.1–2.4
  • tbbbind_2_5 links with HWLOC 2.5 and later

The search for a suitable version of the HWLOC library is enabled by default. If you want to use a specific version of the library, you can specify the path to it manually using the following CMake variables:

  • CMAKE_HWLOC_<HWLOC_VER>_LIBRARY_PATH - path to the corresponding HWLOC version shared library on Linux* OS or path to .lib file on Windows* OS
  • CMAKE_HWLOC_<HWLOC_VER>_INCLUDE_PATH - path to the corresponding HWLOC version including directory

NOTE: Automatic HWLOC searching requires CMake version 3.6 or higher.

Windows* OS requires an additional variable for correct TBBBind library building:

  • CMAKE_HWLOC_<HWLOC_VER>_DLL_PATH - path to the corresponding HWLOC version .dll file.

HWLOC_VER substring used earlier can be replaced with one of the three values:

  • 1_11 for the tbbbind library configuration
  • 2 for the tbbbind_2_0 library configuration
  • 2_5 for the tbbbind_2_5 library configuration

If you specify variables for several TBBBind versions, the building process for all of these versions is performed during single build session.


Specify the TBB_DISABLE_HWLOC_AUTOMATIC_SEARCH to disable HWLOC libraries automatic search.


cmake --build . <options>

Some useful options:

  • --target <target> - specific target, "all" is default.
  • --config <Release|Debug> - build configuration, applicable only for multiconfig generators, e.g. Visual Studio* generator.

The binaries are placed to ./<compiler-id>_<compiler-ver>_cxx<stdver>_<build-type>. For example, ./gnu_4.8_cxx11_release.

Build for 32-bit

  • Intel(R) Compiler. Source Intel(R) C++ Compiler with ia32 and build as usual.
  • MSVC. Use switch for generator (e.g. -A Win32 for VS2019) during the configuration stage and then build as usual.
  • GCC/Clang. Specify -m32 during the configuration. It can be CXXFLAGS=-m32 cmake .. or cmake -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS=-m32 ..
  • For any other compiler, which builds for 64-bit by default, specify 32-bit compiler key during the configuration as above.

Windows* OS specific builds


Following builds require CMake version 3.15 or higher.

  • Dynamic linkage with C Runtime Library (CRT). The default behavior can be explicitly specified by setting CMAKE_MSVC_RUNTIME_LIBRARY to MultiThreadedDLL or MultiThreadedDebugDLL.
cmake ..  # dynamic linkage is used by default
  • Static linkage with CRT. Set CMAKE_MSVC_RUNTIME_LIBRARY to MultiThreaded or MultiThreadedDebug.
  • Windows OS 10 Universal Windows application build*. Set CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME to WindowsStore and CMAKE_SYSTEM_VERSION to 10.0.


Set TBB_NO_APPCONTAINER to ON in order to apply /APPCONTAINER:NO option during the compilation (used for testing).

  • Universal Windows OS Driver build*. Set TBB_WINDOWS_DRIVER to ON and use static linkage with CRT.


Build test

To build a test, use the default target 'all':

cmake --build .

Or use a specific test target:

cmake --build . --target <test> # e.g. test_version

Run test

You can run a test by using CTest:


Or by using 'test' target:

cmake --build . --target test # currently does not work on Windows* OS


See Installation from Sources to learn how to install oneTBB.

Sanitizers - сonfigure, build, and run

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DTBB_SANITIZE=thread ..  # or -DTBB_SANITIZE=memory or any other sanitizer
make -j
ctest -V

Valgrind memcheck - configure, build, and run


  • Valgrind tool executable


mkdir build
cd build
make -j memcheck-<test name> # or memcheck-all to scan all tests 

Test specification

Use Doxygen to generate oneTBB test specification:

mkdir build
cd build
make test_spec

TBBConfig - integration of binary packages

It is a configuration module that is used for integration of prebuilt oneTBB. It consists of two files (TBBConfig.cmake and TBBConfigVersion.cmake) and can be used via find_package function.

How to use this module in your CMake project:

  1. Let CMake know where to search for TBBConfig, e.g. specify location of TBBConfig.cmake in TBB_DIR (for more details about search paths see find_package).
  2. Use find_package to find oneTBB.
  3. Use provided variables and/or imported targets (described below) to work with the found oneTBB.


add_executable(foo foo.cpp)
target_link_libraries(foo TBB::tbb)

oneTBB components can be passed to find_package after keyword COMPONENTS or REQUIRED. Use basic names of components (tbb, tbbmalloc, etc.).

If components are not specified then the default set is used: tbb, tbbmalloc and tbbmalloc_proxy.

If tbbmalloc_proxy is requested, tbbmalloc component will also be added and set as dependency for tbbmalloc_proxy.

TBBConfig creates imported targets as shared libraries using the following format: TBB::<component> (for example, TBB::tbb, TBB::tbbmalloc).

Set TBB_FIND_RELEASE_ONLY to TRUE before calling find_package in order to search only for release oneTBB version. This variable helps to avoid simultaneous linkage of release and debug oneTBB versions when CMake configuration is Debug but a third-party component depends on release oneTBB version.

Variables set during TBB configuration:

Variable Description
TBB_FOUND oneTBB is found
TBB_<component>_FOUND Specific oneTBB component is found
TBB_VERSION oneTBB version (format: <major>.<minor>.<patch>.<tweak>)
TBB_IMPORTED_TARGETS All created oneTBB imported targets (not supported for builds from source code)

Starting from oneTBB 2021.1 GitHub release TBBConfig files in the binary packages are located under <tbb-root>/lib/cmake/TBB. For example, TBB_DIR should be set to <tbb-root>/lib/cmake/TBB.

TBBConfig files are automatically created during the build from source code and can be installed together with the library. Also oneTBB provides a helper function that creates TBBConfig files from predefined templates: see tbb_generate_config in cmake/config_generation.cmake.

oneTBB Python Module support

TBB4PY_BUILD Cmake option provides ability to build Python module for oneTBB.


  • irml - build IPC RML server
  • python_build - build oneTBB module for Python

python_build target requirements:

  • Python version 3.5 or newer
  • SWIG version 3.0.6 or newer

CMake files

Compile/link options

Compile and link options may be specific for certain compilers. This part is handled in cmake/compilers/* files.

Options in TBB CMake are handled via variables in two ways for convenience:

  • by options group
  • by specific option

Options group

Naming convention is the following: TBB_<SCOPE>_<STAGE>_<CATEGORY>, where

  • <SCOPE> could be
    • LIB - options applied during libraries build.
    • TEST - options applied during test build.
    • BENCH - options applied during benchmarks build.
    • COMMON - options applied during all (libraries, test, benchmarks) builds.
  • <STAGE> could be
    • COMPILE - options applied during the compilation.
    • LINK - options applied during the linkage.
  • <CATEGORY> could be
    • FLAGS - list of flags
    • LIBS - list of libraries


Variable Description
TBB_COMMON_COMPILE_FLAGS Applied to libraries, tests and benchmarks as compile options
TBB_LIB_LINK_FLAGS Applied to libraries as link options
TBB_LIB_LINK_LIBS Applied to libraries as link libraries
TBB_TEST_COMPILE_FLAGS Applied to tests as compile options

Please specify the LINK options prefixed with dash(-) for MSVC(Visual Studio) compiler with CMake < 3.13 to avoid issues caused by target_link_libraries CMake command usage.

Specific options

If the option used only in part of the places (library, tests, benchmarks) as well as adding this option to the group of other options is not possible, then the option must be named using common sense.

Warnings supperssions should be added into TBB_WARNING_SUPPRESS variable which is applied during the compilation of libraries, tests and benchmarks. Additional warnings should be added into TBB_WARNING_TEST_FLAGS variable which is applied during the compilation of tests.