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@tbbdev tbbdev released this Dec 18, 2019 · 0 commits to tbb_2019 since this release

What's new in TBB Update and release notes can be found here: Changes and Release Notes.
Since 2018 U5 TBB binary packages include Parallel STL as a high-level component.

Starting with TBB 2020 release:

  • The new tag format is used for releases: v<major_version>.<update> (e.g. v2020.0, v2020.1, etc). Tags in the old format are also added for smooth transition during TBB 2020 (2020, 2020_U1, etc.), but releases are not created based on these tags.
  • The new name format is used for TBB binary (tbb-<major_version>.<update>-<os_suffix>.<ext>) and documentation (tbb-<major_version>.<update> packages.
  • Version and date are not added to top-level folders in TBB binary packages.
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