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Security: oneapi-src/oneTBB

Security Policy

As an open-source project, we understand the importance of and responsibility for security. This Security Policy outlines our guidelines and procedures to ensure the highest level of security and trust for oneTBB users.

Supported Versions

Security vulnerabilities are fixed in the latest version and delivered as a patch release. We don't guarantee security fixes to be back-ported to older oneTBB versions.

Report a Vulnerability

We are very grateful to the security researchers and users that report back security vulnerabilities. We investigate every report thoroughly. We strongly encourage you to report security vulnerabilities to us privately, before disclosing them on public forums or opening a public GitHub* issue.

Report a vulnerability to us in one of two ways:

  • Open a draft GitHub* Security Advisory
  • Send an e-mail to: Along with the report, provide the following info:
    • A descriptive title.
    • Your name and affiliation (if any).
    • A description of the technical details of the vulnerabilities.
    • A minimal example of the vulnerability so we can reproduce your findings.
    • An explanation of who can exploit this vulnerability, and what they gain doing so.
    • Whether this vulnerability is public or known to third parties. If it is, provide details.

When Should I Report a Vulnerability?

  • You think you discovered a potential security vulnerability in oneTBB.
  • You are unsure how the potential vulnerability affects oneTBB.
  • You think you discovered a vulnerability in another project or 3rd party component on which oneTBB depends. If the issue is not fixed in the 3rd party component, try to report directly there first.

When Should I NOT Report a Vulnerability?

  • You got an automated scan hit and are unable to provide details.
  • You need help using oneTBB for security.
  • You need help applying security-related updates.
  • Your issue is not security-related.

Security Reports Review Process

We aim to respond quickly to your inquiry and coordinate a fix and disclosure with you. All confirmed security vulnerabilities will be addressed according to severity level and impact on oneTBB. Normally, security issues are fixed in the next planned release.

Disclosure Policy

We will publish security advisories using the GitHub Security Advisories feature to keep our community well-informed, and will credit you for your findings unless you prefer to stay anonymous. We request that you refrain from exploiting the vulnerability or making it public before the official disclosure.

We will disclose the vulnerabilities and bugs as soon as possible once mitigation is implemented and available.

Feedback on This Policy

If you have any suggestions on how this Policy could be improved, submit an issue or a pull request to this repository. Do not report potential vulnerabilities or security flaws via a pull request.

There aren’t any published security advisories