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Your open-source transit app for real-time information.


  1. onebusaway-android onebusaway-android Public

    The official Android app for OneBusAway

    Java 450 263

  2. onebusaway-ios onebusaway-ios Public

    OneBusAway for iOS, written in Swift.

    Swift 61 17

  3. onebusaway-application-modules onebusaway-application-modules Public

    The core OneBusAway application suite.

    Java 197 127

  4. onebusaway-docker onebusaway-docker Public

    Docker configuration for the OneBusAway Application Modules (

    Dockerfile 9 19

  5. onebusaway-deep-links onebusaway-deep-links Public

    A web app with a URL pattern designed for deep linking in native apps

    Ruby 6 5

  6. onebusaway-docs onebusaway-docs Public

    Official developer documentation for OneBusAway

    JavaScript 1 10


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