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A project of the non-profit Open Transit Software Foundation!

The OneBusAway application suite's primary function is to share real-time public transit information with riders across a variety of interfaces:

Watch the YouTube video for more information.

Getting Started

Here are the high-level steps you'll need to take to launch the OneBusAway mobile apps in your area:

  1. Get your schedule transit data in the GTFS format
  2. Have an AVL system that produces arrival estimates (Note: we're working removing this requirement - contact us if you're interested. Alternatively, you may be able to use other open-source projects, such as The Transit Clock, to go directly from raw vehicle locations to arrival times that are shared via GTFS-realtime and SIRI - this would replace Steps 2 and 3.)
  3. Implement a GTFS-realtime or SIRI real-time data feed (We also support other formats)
  4. Set up a OneBusAway server
  5. Do some quality-control testing of arrival times
  6. Request to be added as a OneBusAway region

See the multi-region page for more details.

Setting up a OneBusAway server

There are two options for setting up your own OneBusAway instance:

  • Quick-Start Guide - We provide a Quick-Start bundle designed to get you up and running quickly with OneBusAway.
  • Developer Installation Guide - If you want to get your hands dirty with code, this guide will help you get a OneBusAway instance set up using the source-code and Eclipse.


You can find the latest releases here:


OneBusAway is used in a number of places:

Check out the full list on the OneBusAway Deployments page. Check out the main project page at


Code Repository

To browse the source online visit

To create a local copy of the repository, use the following command:

$ git clone git://

Developer Information

Contact Info

There are lots of ways to get in touch with us.