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OneBusAway Developer Documentation

Welcome to the GitHub project that powers the official OneBusAway Developer Documentation.

Improve the Documentation

Want to help improve the documentation? Thank you! You can easily improve the official OneBusAway documentation by modifying the Markdown files that comprise it. We welcome any size of contribution, ranging from typos and corrected links, to brand-new tutorials.

Develop New Features/Fix Bugs



git clone
cd onebusaway-docs
bundle install && yarn install


To start your site in development mode, run bin/bridgetown start and navigate to localhost:4000!


# running locally
bin/bridgetown start

# load the site up within a Ruby console (IRB)
bin/bridgetown console

Learn more: Bridgetown CLI Documentation


The website built from this project is deployed automatically to a static hosting service on Render. Please contact the maintainers with any questions.