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2008-05-25 Luis Lavena
* recipes/interpreter/ruby18.rake: Added hacky IRB task to ease debugging.
2008-05-23 Gordon Thiesfeld
* config/rubyinstaller.rb: Added WiX recipes and Package information.
* recipes/packager/wix.rake: Rake task for WiX extraction.
2008-05-18 Luis Lavena
* rake/extracttask.rb: Use 7-Zip as extract() utility to solve some
extration troubles and speedup extraction process.
* recipes/extract_utils/extrac_utils.rake: Ditto.
2008-04-24 Luis Lavena
* config/ruby_installer.rb: Use of updated GCC packages that fixes
Windows Vista problems.
2008-04-23 Luis Lavena
* config/ruby_installer.rb: Reverted to 1.8.6-p114, 1.8.7 was giving
headaches to lot of developers (known bugs).
2008-04-16 Luis Lavena
* resources/icons/rubyw.ico: Added customized Ruby icon (GUI).
2008-04-15 Luis Lavena
* config/ruby_installer.rb: Update Ruby sources from 1.8 to 1.8.7-p0
2008-04-12 Luis Lavena
* config/ruby_installer.rb: Updated RubyGems package to version 1.1.1
2008-04-11 Luis Lavena
* recipes/interpreter/ruby18.rake: Determine dependency of download task
during extraction or use of CHECKOUT.
* recipes/tools/rubygems.rake: Ditto.
2008-04-10 Luis Lavena
* config/ruby_installer.rb: Updated MinGW components to latest stable
2008-04-07 Luis Lavena
* config/ruby_installer.rb: Added GDB 6.8 and Utils 0.3 to MinGW,
suggested by Mario Steele.
2008-03-30 Luis Lavena
* config/ruby_installer.rb: Empty RUBYOPT when installing RubyGems.
Reported by Will Green @ rubyinstaller-devel mailing list.
* config/ruby_installer.rb: Allow RubyGems to be checkout from svn.
* recipes/tools/rubygems.rake: Ditto.
2008-03-29 Luis Lavena
* config/ruby_installer.rb: Updated RubyGems to match release 1.1.0.
2008-03-24 Luis Lavena
* recipes/interpreter/ruby18.rake: Remove path reference to sandbox in
rbconfig.rb after install.
* recipes/tools/rubygems.rake: Fixes the shebang line to avoid conflicts
with cygwin installation due missing path to sandbox prefix.
2008-03-23 Luis Lavena
* recipes/interpreter/ruby18.rake: fix batch files (windows scripts stubs)
to remove references from build environment.
* recipes/tools/rubygems.rake: ditto.
* recipes/tools/rubygems.rake: Install RubyGems into sandboxed installation.
* config/ruby_installer.rb: Added RubyGems version and download information.
* recipes/dependencies/iconv.rake: Added Iconv support using alternative
implementation from Yukihiro Nakadaira and Tor Lillqvist.
* config/ruby_installer.rb: ditto.
2008-03-22 Luis Lavena
* resources/icons/ruby.ico: Added customized Ruby icon (CUI).
* recipes/interpreter/ruby18.rake: Added prepare task to copy customized
Download and Extract task are now aware of CHECKOUT environment variable to
use subversion instead of packaged source code.
* rake/extracttask.rb: Allow paths to contain spaces when calling
extracting tools.
* recipes/extract_utils/extract_utils.rake: Extract zlib1.dll into
sandbox/extract_utils (to avoid require it system-wide).
* recipes/dependencies/openssl.rake: Added OpenSSL binaries from GNU Win32
project. Now builds the openssl extension.
* config/ruby_installer.rb: Added OpenSsl version and download information.
Added checkout and checkout_target for Ruby18.
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