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update README for typical DevKit build instructions

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@@ -30,6 +30,10 @@ dependencies/*.rake: the recipes contains the dependencies needed to be download
compiled and included for the interpreter to work properly. At this time zlib,
rb-readline, gdbm, iconv, pdcurses, and openssl are included.
+devkit/*.rake: the recipes for downloading the MSYS/MinGW/TDM artifacts needed
+to build a Windows Installer and 7-Zip archive to be used by end users to build
+native C-based RubyGem extensions.
extract_utils/*.rake: the low-level archive extraction utility recipes used by
other core build recipes.
@@ -72,6 +76,10 @@ rake ruby19 CHECKOUT=1 # builds 1.9.1 svn latest
rake ruby19 CHECKOUT=1 TRUNK=1 # builds 1.9 trunk latest (1.9.3)
rake ruby19 LOCAL="c:\myruby" # builds 1.9 from sources at "c:\myruby"
+rake devkit # builds a DevKit (TDM 4.5.0) Installer
+rake devkit DKVER=3.4.5 # builds a DevKit (MinGW 3.4.5) Installer
+rake devkit 7Z=1 # builds a DevKit Installer and 7-Zip archive
You can combine COMPAT and CHECKOUT to build Ruby 1.8.6 directly from the
Subversion repository.
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