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RubyInstaller is a project that provides binaries for Windows and a complementary set of tools to make it more easy use Ruby on Windows.

However, it doesn't patch or alter Ruby source code and by that it cannot modify Ruby beyond packaging.

Bugs accepted are those related to the Installers, Development Kit, compilation options or missing documentation. Other bug reports fit better to Ruby's own bug tracker:

If you're not sure if your bug is directly RubyInstaller or Ruby specific, please use our Google Groups to ask these questions:

Thank you

@zzak zzak referenced this issue from a commit in zzak/rubyinstaller
@zzak zzak Add CONTRIBUTING file from oneclick/rubyinstaller#39 7c85260

I think we should move this to a CONTRIBUTING file, and have sent a patch in PR #201

It should work nicely with github's contributing guidelines support


Thank you @zzak, I've merged your change.

However, the problem we face is not about lack of documentation pointing where and what to report, but the big trend of people not reading instructions.

Take this bug report for example, it was all uppercase, yet people keep ignoring it (even when GitHub had the sorting by priority)

At the mailing list, we have 2 sticky posts asking for extra information before reporting an issue or asking to search first, yet people keep sending the same report, over and over and over.

(Not to mention the ones moderated that send the same message 3 or more times because the first didn't show up)

Or the installer itself, having a series of options that ask not to install in directory with spaces and yet people keep reporting problems when they install Ruby in... wait for it... a directory with spaces.

The last screen of the installer offers links to the wiki and the troubleshooting page, yet people just ignore them or simply ask the same question 10 times instead of searching for exactly the same bug.

I have the feeling that the yellow bar shown by GitHub:


Will be just another thing that gets ignored :cry:


I guess it doesn't hurt to have them both! :heart:

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