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Welcome to the RubyInstaller wiki!

Our goal, in combination with the official website, is to provide users and developers working on Windows® systems an easy way to quickly get started using Ruby by providing Windows-based installers (and 7z archives) containing a fully functioning baseline MRI (Matz’s Ruby Implementation) Ruby environment tuned for Windows-based systems.

While the RubyInstaller allows you to easily enhance and customize your Ruby installation using Ruby’s standard RubyGems packaging system, we also provide tools such as the Development Kit that enables both users and developers to build native Ruby C extensions on their local Windows-based systems.

Although building native Ruby C extensions on Windows-based systems has historically been a problem, we believe the combination of the RubyInstaller, our development tools, and the growing community of Ruby on Windows users and projects will help make this a concern of the past.

The RubyInstaller Team

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