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History / Development Kit

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@Azolo Azolo Updated Development Kit (textile) ef255b7
@lightswitch05 lightswitch05 Added markup for the two installation commands in quick start 0e72573
@MarkDBlackwell MarkDBlackwell Per!topic/rubyinstaller/Qb1RIcOTnAA eb89f61
@hamxiaoz hamxiaoz Update the SO link from text to link. d976e86
@sunapi386 sunapi386 Updated Development Kit (textile) b86cd48
@sunapi386 sunapi386 Correctly generate config.yml in x64 bf0542f
@xdhmoore xdhmoore Made answer to installation question more clear. b7288d7
@luislavena luislavena Revert fb5a148^ ... fb5a148 on Development Kit f687bbc
@Sprachprofi Sprachprofi Updated Development Kit (textile) fb5a148
@jmthomas jmthomas Updated Development Kit (textile) 9528772
@jmthomas jmthomas Updated Development Kit (textile) 7ba1a09
@jonnyli1125 jonnyli1125 "automagically" to "automatically" 042b62d
@luislavena luislavena Updated Development Kit (textile) a5bf3e2
@luislavena luislavena Update Instructions to use JSON gem instead of RDiscount. latest RDiscount is broken on Windows :( c626aae
@Glutexo Glutexo Quick start command amendment. 9e0d417
@rdp rdp add quickstart c8b244f
@MichaelvanLaar MichaelvanLaar Updated Development Kit (textile) b517c00
@gyoshev gyoshev Change text from "Temporarily enhancing PATH to include DevKit..." to "with native extensions", as per the DevKit update cfd502e
@Azolo Azolo Revert 487787c3ef530ec6f5fca127fd3ecf4943586eba ... 8e4f59237ebbcdd672a361df9bdf8a21ab3647e2 9d239a0
@eduardoleal eduardoleal Destroyed Development Kit (textile) 3f8714d
@yole yole Updated Development Kit (textile) 487787c
@kayhadrin kayhadrin Revert 913c1a8256f6ffc877e05a3dc852d60bdd71909d ... eb70f5c119bd2796cda74f26b6fb3d5d02a9f7c5 191bd05
@kioueste kioueste Destroyed Development Kit (textile) eb70f5c
@Azolo Azolo Revert 97cf95c4c0453be1e60d4dbd45ba0138990bf41c ... cb0c4376bc1d4e70c15ef19e860c04feabd26aac 913c1a8
@srsmohit srsmohit Destroyed Development Kit (textile) b0593cf
@minitech minitech Small grammar correction. cb6e9fe
@Azolo Azolo Added documentation for accessing the DevKit environment with require 'devkit' 4345d4c
pboettcher Updated Development Kit (textile) 1f829d1
pboettcher Updated Development Kit (textile) 2e6b8d7
@jonforums jonforums Spelling, it's what's for breakfast. 7fe082f
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