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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<action id="com.onecrayon.spice.helloWorld" category="">
<!-- Class and title are required by all Espresso menu actions -->
<title>Hello Spicy World</title>
<!-- Contents of setup are what's available to the Spice -->
<!-- `script` is the only required attribute of `setup` and should be the name of your Javascript file that's in Support/Scripts ('.js' is optional) -->
<!-- undo_name is a standard argument for custom actions; only useful if you are using text recipes -->
<undo_name>Hello World!</undo_name>
<!-- Optional; sets in which syntax contexts Espresso will make the action active -->
<syntax-context>html, html *, css, css *, js, js *</syntax-context>
<!-- `arguments` allows you to pass arbitrary arguments to an action -->
<!-- Uses plist formatting for arrays -->
<string>Hello World! Love, ${1:Your Pal Spice}</string>
<!-- The following are optional tags that you'll almost never need to use -->
<!-- `function` allows you to specify the name of the function that Spice should call in your script -->
<!-- If `no-frills` is set to 1, then only your script will be executed (without any of Spice's helper functions); refer to the documentation for more info -->
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