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Spice.sugar for Espresso

This version of Spice is officially deprecated, and will no longer work properly with Espresso 2.0.

Spice allows Espresso to be extended using JSCocoa. For more information about the plugin (including documentation) see the Spice site:

Spice is brought to you by Ian Beck and Thomas Aylott. All portions (including JSCocoa and Mootools) are released under an MIT license.

For feature requests and bug reports, please use the Spice.sugar Issues tracker (requires a free GitHub account) or email me.

Building the development version

If you would like to try the latest version of the source, first clone the project somewhere with this command:

git clone

Double click the Spice-sugar.xcodeproj file inside, and click the Build button in the XCode toolbar. The sugar file will be in the build/Debug folder. Follow the steps above to install it just like you would the download version.

Please note: the build process will fail if you have installed Espresso somewhere other than your root Applications folder. If you have Espresso installed somewhere else:

  1. Choose Project → Edit Project Settings in Xcode
  2. Switch to the Build tab
  3. Choose "All configurations" in the Configuration dropdown
  4. Scroll to the very bottom of the window and double click APPLICATION_PATH under User Defined variables
  5. Update the APPLICATION_PATH to point to your local Espresso installation

If you don't wish to modify the XCode project, you may also run this command in Terminal to create a symbolic link to Espresso for Xcode to follow:

ln -s /path/to/ /Applications/