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// Spice.h
// Spice.sugar
// Created by Ian Beck
// MIT License
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
@interface Spice : NSObject {
// Name of the script to run
NSString *script;
NSArray *supportPaths;
// Arguments to pass to the script (array)
NSArray *arguments;
// This is the function we'll try to call from the Javascript
NSString *target;
// Standard undo-name option
NSString *undoName;
// Syntax context the action can be performed in
NSString *syntaxContext;
// Bundle path is useful for finding scripts in multiple locations
NSString *bundlePath;
// Used to bypass Spice's Javascript system and just run the script straight up
BOOL noFrills;
@property (readonly,copy) NSString* script;
@property (readonly,retain) NSArray* arguments;
@property (readonly,copy) NSString* syntaxContext;
@property (readonly,copy) NSString* bundlePath;
@property (readonly,copy) NSString* undoName;
@property (readonly) BOOL noFrills;
@property (copy) NSString* target;
@property (retain) NSArray* supportPaths;
- (void)log:(NSString *)message;
- (NSString *)findModule:(NSString *)moduleName inFolders:(NSArray *)folders;
- (NSString *)readModule:(NSString *)modulePath;
- (NSString *)readModule:(NSString *)modulePath appendExports:(BOOL)appendExports;
- (void)throwAlert:(NSString *)title withMessage:(NSString *)message inContext:(id)context;
- (BOOL)isFile:(NSString *)path;
- (BOOL)isDirectory:(NSString *)path;
- (NSString *)read:(NSString *)path;
- (NSString *)runProcess:(NSArray *)args withEnv:(NSDictionary *)env;