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+### About
+This repository contains a project that represents a solid foundation for a Android NDK+SDK hybrid project. It can compile both ADT project, and a CDT project within itself,
+contains builder to generate JNI interface, linked header files for syntax highlighting of both Java (SDK) and C++ (NDK)
+### Usage
+_It is assumed you already have:_
+* Android SDK installed and setup
+* Android NDK installed and setup
+ * You should be able to compile and install the sample 'hellojni' application
+* Eclipse for java installed
+* Eclipse ADT plugin for Android SDK development [](
+ * You should be able to compile and run, a hello-world project from eclipse
+* Eclipse C++ plugin "CDT" installed [install new software -> programing languages]
+### How to build
+* Fix symbolic links in project root (ANDROID_SDK/ANDROID_NDK) to point to your own paths
+* The project should build
+### Support information
+* Although its made with reproducibility mind, I provide no support for this project :)
+ * Mario Gonzalez [(@1dayitwillmake)](!/1dayitwillmake) - [](

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